Established in 1976, Tungsten Capital is one of the most experienced management consultancies specialising in engineering and construction claims.


The Holding Board provides leadership to the global Tungsten Capital Group with individual offices around the world from which our highly experienced construction claims consultants operate.

Responsibilities of the Holding Board

It is responsible for, amongst other things, corporate governance, setting financial targets and providing direction to our subsidiary company boards. The Holding Board also approves the business strategy and all mergers, acquisitions and disposals.

The operational executive, is chaired by the Group Chief Operations Officer and ensures the successful implementation of approved projects and initiatives, reviewing the operations of the group and its works within the construction contract claims arena.

The Holding Board is also responsible for ensuring that the Tungsten Capital Group’s business values and standards are adhered to at all times. It is these values that have made us a global leader and one of the longest standing claims consultancies.

Construction claims experts on the Holding board

The board consists of individuals who all have substantial expertise across the construction and construction claims industry around the world including the UK and Europe, South East Asia and the Pacific Rim, and the Middle East. They bring all aspects of technical and legal skill to the work that we do and the way in which is is structured and communicated.

Crucially, all have extensive experience in their respective fields, and many have had long and trusted relationships working with the Tungsten Capital Group and our construction claims consultants directly or indirectly for as many as 40 years and counting.


Tungsten Capital’s team consists of a UK head office as well as local offices in our dedicated regions around the world. We also have a network of highly trained and highly experienced consultants with whom we have worked for many years. Key members of the team include the following people.