So you’re in construction and you’re about to embark on a development fit for 2020. But is your project management as smart as your project itself, making sure it stays on time and on track?

One area that’s really exciting in construction at the moment is the development of smart buildings. Cities around the world are developing game changing offices, apartment buildings and hotels that appeal to world leading businesses and investors.

Smart buildings for living and working

From flexible work spaces to environmentally friendly living, it’s all part of the smart buildings are at the forefront of the minds of forward-thinking developers. They bring innovation and large budgets together, with the potential for large profits as well – as long as everything runs smoothly.

Smart buildings aren’t just about open floor plans, adjustable desks, multipurpose common spaces and natural light. They’re about sensors collecting data on everything from occupancy, temperature, humidity and light levels, to coffee-machine and towel-dispenser use. Data that can be aggregated in real time and turned into into actionable intelligence.

For example, office and conference-room temperatures might adjust depending on personal preference and the number of people in the room, and overhead lights can adapt to the amount of sunlight. These are just examples of the smart technologies being used in working environments from New York to Zurich.

Innovative development is in everyone’s interests

The result is the development of spaces that fuel the growth of dynamic and interesting businesses within the dynamic and interesting buildings. For example, Nikolay Storonsky, CEO at the tech unicorn Revolut said last year:

“Thanks to everything that London has to offer, I have been able to build one of the fastest-growing technology companies in the world. There is no doubt in my mind that London will retain its crown as the best city to build and grow a start-up.”

A global endeavour

In London alone we can see beautiful examples of this kind of development. It’s part of the reason the UK continues to attract so many exciting businesses. For example the arrival of new headquarters for Amazon, Apple, Google and Facebook in relatively quick succession, “together provide capacity for over 20,000 tech professionals – while three new buildings in the City of London’s Eastern cluster will together house nearly 30,000 workers.”

Examples of such innovative buildings include the likes of 22 Bishopsgate, poetically described by the City Property Association as “a city in the sky designed for the future”. Or there’s 10 Fenchurch Avenue, with its free-to-visit roof garden.

Smart project management for smart buildings

However, with all that going on it raises two points to be aware of. The first is that the more interesting and complex development becomes, the more elements there are to keep on track and in check. That brings us on to the second point; is your project management as smart as your project itself?

If either are in question, you might want to have a word with our team in Thailand about our QConZol cloud document management…