The Thailand based subsidiary of Tungsten Capital, is working to support the project management of the upcoming Tipco Tower II, using its innovative cloud management system.

The team will be working in partnership with Teo Hong Silom Development, an active participant in the highly competitive local property development market and has more than 44 years experience at the forefront of commerce in Thailand.

The company is a forward thinking group with a focus on community as well as innovation, both of which are epitomised in the planned building project in the heart of Bangkok.

Tipco Tower II is close to The Offices at CentralWorld, Shinawatra Tower III and the Alma Link Building amongst other iconic locations. The 20 storey office building is set for construction this year (2019) and will comprise a stylish glass and steel exterior in keeping with the surrounding area.

Tipco Tower II is the sister building to Tipco Tower which was completed in 1997 and is a 34-story skyscraper otherwise known as Tipco Headquarters, home of TIPCO Technologies – experts in industrial, hydraulic and high-purity applications.