Rider Levett Bucknall (North America) and Tungsten Capital Group are pleased to announce the creation of a key strategic partnership to provide construction claims consultancy to the heavy engineering sector across North America.

RLB is an award-winning, global property and construction consultancy with 21 offices across the USA, Canada and Caribbean. Known for project management, construction cost consulting and construction advisory services, RLB’s North America President, Julian Anderson, said:

“RLB is already well known in North America, for its construction claims and dispute resolution services for a variety of project types, especially vertical construction. Adding the special expertise of Tungsten Capital in the field of heavy engineering claims will be significantly boost in our reach across sectors”.

Tungsten Capital Group is an industry leading management consultancy specializing in construction claims, dispute prevention and resolution, commercial management, arbitration, and litigation support.

Tungsten Capital CEO, Peter Elliott-Hughes, said:

“Most construction projects, especially those on a large scale, experience some form of delay and disruption. Effective claims management, aimed at resolving issues early and amicably is becoming an essential part of the construction process. We have known the team at RLB for many years and have enormous respect for the work they do, and this new initiative will give clients the extra level of protection they need to keep projects on track.”

RLB’s advisory expertise and coverage throughout North America, along with Tungsten Capital’s heavy civil engineering claims experience, enables to the strategic partnership to better serve clients by providing a depth of resources and expertise across the region.