Westlakes International is the dedicated global recruitment solution for construction companies, formed through the combined expertise of recruitment specialists and Tungsten Capital’s construction industry knowledge.


Westlakes International was formed in partnership with recruitment sector professionals with an in-depth knowledge of the construction industry. The goal was to deliver a consultative, collaborative and communicative resourcing solution for businesses.

Knowing the challenges companies can face in finding the right talent, Westlakes International was born of a relentless drive to seek out and recruit only the very best minds in the construction industry.

The vision came to fruition in 2018. Today Westlakes International is a dedicated construction industry recruitment service dedicated to providing excellence and skill to the global market.  

Who we serve

Serving construction and engineering business or claims consultancies, Westlakes International is offers an expert resource in Project Controls, Construction Claims and Professional Services.

We provide Commercial Managers, Delay Analysts and Forensic Planners on a broad spectrum of high profile projects worldwide.

Where we work

Westlakes International operates across the USA, Asia, Middle East and Northern Africa, South Africa and Europe.