Tungsten Capital’s US subsidiary DMS Construction Consulting Services has been acquired by North American cost management and quantity surveyors Rider Levett Bucknall.

Having been part of Tungsten Capital since 2016, DMS Construction Consulting Services has been a highly valued complement to our core construction claims services, providing cost estimating expertise on projects in the USA and consultation for our global subsidiaries.

To date, it has been a productive and enriching journey working in partnership with DMS. Now, as the different emphasis of their business activity to Tungsten Capital’s core remit continues to develop, and the directions that our respective organisations are choosing to take matures, it is the ideal time for DMS to join RLB.

Together, DMS and RLB are able to offer an expanded range of services and broader sector expertise to their clients the greater D.C. area, including Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

Meanwhile, at Tungsten Capital, the emphasis remains on our core construction claims expertise, for which we have become known over more than 30 years. We also continue to focus on the industry leading initiatives that we have developed over the last two years to support and protect the interests of our clients whilst resolving claims. Namely, that includes our Quantura funding product, which recognises the financial pressures that resolving a claim can place on organisations of all sizes.

“A huge congratulations to our friends at RLB on the acquisition of DMS. Together the two organisations make for a tremendous team and it has been a great pleasure to have been on this journey with them to date. We look forward to working with them closely moving forward.”

Tungsten Capital CEO, Peter Elliott