The best way to resolve a dispute is amicably. Such is true in life, and very much true in construction as well. This is where mediation is a blessing to the construction industry, providing an environment for discussion, negotiation and mutual agreement. We’re big fans, and there are elements you can put in place to help ensure that any issues are handled in this way on your next project.

In this article we outline five key pillars for success at mediation.

Speak to a consultant from the start of the project

It sounds counterproductive, but speaking to a claims consultant from the beginning of a construction project is one of the best ways to avoid common pitfalls that lead to disputes, or to resolve them early on at mediation. The net result tends to be preserved relationships, minimal disruption to ongoing projects and it’s more cost-effective.

Build a mediation clause into your contract

We have discussed this at length before, but building a mediation clause into your contract adds no extra cost but lays out a clear process to resolving a dispute should it occur. It is something that both parties have agreed to from the start and can help prevent tensions from escalating.

Efficient document management

It sounds so simple, but having clear document management systems is the best way to keep track of processes, ensure everyone has seen what they’re supposed to see, and helps to prevent miscommunications that lead to disputes.

Technology is very much our friend in this arena – our electronic document management system, QConZoL, has been specifically designed for the construction industry and offers a service that facilitates the most effective and efficient management of your construction project.

By working with this specific document management system, we have found it to be central to successful project management and completion, helping to maintain relationships, track budgets, identify any areas of concern before they become problematic and ensuring all stakeholders are kept informed.

Construction scheduling

Construction schedule management and project planning is what sets a project off to a good start or veer it almost inevitably off course. We cover the whole process from beginning to end, starting with planning concepts and continuing all the way through to the final stages of construction.

Whether you are a project owner representative, a construction project manager, or a project planner, our construction schedule management services can provide support, due diligence and guidance to keep projects on track and identify any problems early so that they can be resolved efficiently without having an unnecessary impact on the project as a whole.

Construction dispute resolution services

If an unexpected incident occurs and becomes a dispute, it’s usually best to get an outside perspective to assess it. It’s not enough to have a claims consultant who simply looks at what you think the other party has done wrong. You need to take a critical look at your own side of the story to see where there are holes in it.

Not only will that help to understand the situation better, but it will also result in a more successful outcome for you and a more productive outcome for the project as a whole. This ability to self-reflect in order to protect our clients’ interests is central to what makes Tungsten Capital different.