Post-pandemic, Tungsten Capital has resumed business as normal and even more, and alongside its growth goes the development of our newest team members as well.

You may remember that we introduced you to Ben Knowles last year. Ben joined us early in his career, and enjoyed a six month apprenticeship that saw him go on rotation through the different company departments, gaining an umbrella view of the organisation from marketing to finance.

Having now found his niche within the business development and marketing team, where he found that he had a particular talent and was able to excel. Having enjoyed learning about the different aspects of the company and igniting an interest in the daily operations of businesses and organisations.

Working closely alongside our CEO, Peter, Ben joined the company at a particularly exciting time, just as the acquisition of our Ireland partner company, Staveley & Partners, completed.

Since then, further partnerships and acquisitions have entered the pipeline, with completion dates set for the forthcoming weeks.

“The first half of 2022 has been very exciting. I joined just after the Staveley acquisition and the number of prospects that have developed through that is wonderful to see. There are further acquisitions planned, so it’s turning it into a busy couple of years ahead. I’m looking forward to being a part of it. It’s the first time I’ve been part of a company where it’s growth is something you can see yourself contributing to. I’m excited for that development, learning about the different companies we’re involved with and working to maximise their strengths within the Tungsten Capital family.”

– Ben

He continued: “I have enjoyed being part of multiple aspects of the business, especially at a time when there have been so many exiting things going on. I like being able to support wherever it’s needed and learning about business leadership as a whole. I enjoy the challenge; that’s definitely something Peter has helped me with, giving me different opportunities to explore within the company.”

“At Tungsten Capital we pride ourselves on providing people with opportunities to achieve the best results for them. That might be a client facing a claims notice or working to prevent disputes from occurring; a partner seeking to take their business to the next level; or a member of our team finding and developing the right career path. To date, Ben has been a valuable addition to the team and it’s wonderful to see him growing in confidence and ability as part of the Tungsten Capital group.”

– Peter Elliott