Dr. Apirath Prateapusanond is an international construction management consultant with 18 years’ experience in dispute resolution and project management.

She is the Managing Director of Tungsten Capital’s subsidiary in Thailand and Regional Director of Tungsten Capital’s office in South East Asia and the Pacific Rim.

Her approach to project management and the way construction claims are managed is at the forefront of the industry, paving the way for the team’s mediation service to become world leading.

Dr.Apirath Prateapusanond-Managing Director

Industry knowledge and understanding

Apirath’s technical understanding and supreme knowledge of the construction industry has lead her to be able to cut to the core of construction claims and hone the way they are managed to the benefit of clients across the globe.

In context, her background includes working on mega construction and property projects such as the WAGP project in Africa, the Big Dig project in Boston, the GSA Office Building and U.S. Courthouse in New York, the Enron Power Plant in Puerto Rico and the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington D.C, as well as the MahaNakhon Project in Thailand.

Apirath is a schedule expert witness and has worked on projects including Samut Prakarn Wastewater Treatment Plant Project in Thailand. She is also a project consultant and facilitator, providing practical suggestions to improve overall business processes.

She has outstanding technical, contract and management experience in construction projects; analysis of project delay and cost-overrun, evaluation of labor productivity and inefficiency, evaluation of project damages, analysis of CPM scheduling and performance and business performance optimisation. She also has experience in construction claims preparation for arbitration and litigation procedures in the U.S. and Thailand.

However, it is her human understanding of the industry and the people in it that supports her in using all her technical understanding to make a positive impact on construction projects and claims notices.

A game-changing approach

In recent years, Apirath has headed a team leading the way in more efficient project and claims management practices. Pioneering the use of a unique cloud document management system designed for the construction industry, she has been able to improve communications and administration.

This has resulted in the reduced likelihood of a claim being raised, and greater capacity to resolve claims notices that do arise, quickly and efficiently. That also means maintaining positive industry relationships and prevents interrupting development schedules, which would ultimately lead to further financial losses.

Apirath and her team have proven that by investing in the support of a construction claims specialist at the start, large construction projects can be more successful in staying on time and on budget.


World leading mediation

Taking a more considered approach to project management has also lead to the growth and development of the team’s leading mediation service. However well managed, it is inevitable that some claims notices will escalate, and in these situations it is in everyone’s interests to settle them at the mediation stage.

Informed by their cloud based management systems, and understanding of the human as well as technical and commercial impact that claims can have, Apirath takes a considered and understanding approach that is fast turning her team’s mediation service into a world leader.


Working with leading construction and design projects

As a result of her industry-leading initiatives, the Tungsten Capital team in Thailand has had the privilege of working on some of the most forward-thinking construction projects in the world.

From The Line Phanon-Pradipat to The Monument Thong Lo, the remit of their work has become one of positive working relationships rather than fostering anger and mistrust.

It is a company and ethos that looks to make things possible, supporting construction projects where the sky is quite literally the limit.