Kirk Miller is the Executive Officer at DMS Construction Consulting Services, the US partner of Tungsten Capital, based in Washington. Kirk first started working with DMS 16 years ago as a junior cost estimator. Today he leads the company in a way that marries the integrity of its past with empathy for the contemporary challenges faced by the construction industry.

A journey to leadership

Kirk has already had an established and distinguished career in construction and cost estimating.  He continues to shine at the head of DMS Construction Consulting Services. When he first started at DMS, he was in the early stages of his career.  He already showed talent and empathy for the clients he worked with as a junior cost estimator.

Kirk then went on to hone his skills and gain real insights into all sides of the cost estimating world.  He worked with architectural and engineering firms, developers and contractors at leading firms across the USA. In doing so, he garnered a thorough understanding of all aspects of the industry.

Having returned to DMS, he has brought new insight into the established firm.  He has now remained at the company for more than a decade. In that time he has developed strong working relationships with both the team and clients, becoming a highly skilled and trusted Executive Officer and Chief Cost Estimator in 2017.

A trusted company with a forward-thinking approach

DMS has developed a trusted reputation for accurate cost estimating and reliable construction support over more than 30 years. In 2018 it celebrated its anniversary year with a move to new offices and updated branding to signify its commitment to the next 30 years.

What sets DMS apart under Kirk’s guidance, is the ability to marry its heritage and traditional working values with a dynamic and empathetic approach to customer service. The result is a company that’s a dependable resource on construction projects both in the private and government sectors.

Cost estimating is often seen as an isolated service.  However, Kirk’s all-encompassing understanding of the construction industry, from planning to project management and even construction claims, allows for a truly engaged approach to consultancy. This results in greater accuracy within the service.  It also leads to strong working relationships between the company and its clients, because of the inherent trust that develops.

Expertise, precision and empathy

Kirk recognises the value of the intangible elements of the work that the company does and the softer skills that an experienced team can offer. He understands that it’s about more than crunching numbers.  it’s about helping to prevent arguments or even claims.

For example, by working closely with design teams it’s possible to add value to planning conversations and contribute to good preparation for healthy outcomes. DMS offers an outside opinion.  It sees solutions that even the most seasoned architect or project owner may not see.  Simply because the team has a different perspective developed on a variety of projects.

The result is often a more precise approach to cost estimates with projects that are more likely to stay on time, on budget, on track and always mindful of client expectations. That may be a project owner working directly with DMS or the client of an architectural firm who have engaged its services.

A variety of cost estimating experience

It is the trust that DMS is known for, which has been central to its longstanding position on the cost estimating landscape in the USA.  As a result they have experience across a broad cross section of industries and projects.

From the refurbishment of the Capitol Dome and the construction of a new wing at the NIH Building at the Bethesda Maryland campus.  To the contemporary Baltimore National Aquarium. DMS has experience across education, federal and local government, healthcare and commercial projects of all sizes. Continuing to work efficiently and effectively, it now has the support of partners around the world at Tungsten Capital and looks forward to its continued development under Kirk’s management.