Tungsten Capital management consultancy is a global organisation comprising offices around the world. Each office works across a network of strategic regional hubs from which our construction claims consultants work.

Management consultancy teams around the world

This affords Tungsten Capital the means to reach out to projects located in just about any territory. In the United Kingdom and Europe, Tungsten Capital is represented by our Europe offices based in London and Surrey. They are lead by Group CEO Peter Elliott.

Tungsten Capital is also represented in Ireland by Staveley & Partners, which has been operating as respected consultants for more than 30 years and became part of Tungsten Capital in 2021. We work across South East Asia and the Pacific Rim through two subsidiaries in Malaysia and Thailand. There, we have had an established in-country management consultancy presence in Malaysia for over 20 years, working on both on and off-shore projects. The team is lead by Dr. Apirath Prateapusanond, who is an international construction management consultant with more than 18 years’ experience in dispute resolution and project management.

We also have a team of construction claims consultants based in Dubai. They work across the Middle East and the UAE, and have done so since 2007.

Tungsten Capital launched its industry unique claims funding initiative in 2018 to our own clients in the UK and Europe. The concept was created in order to help to redress the balance in the construction claims industry which has to-date seen an disproportionate amount of risk taken on by contractors and subcontractors.

A true “no win, no fee” alternative to the traditional approach where Claims Consultants are paid their fees irrespective of their performance or the outcome of the Claim, in 2019 the service was extended to clients in the Middle East.

In 2020 we created the first of our alliances, making our claims funding service available to other claims consultancies around the world. In doing so we are able to provide construction companies, subcontractors, and construction industry consultants around the world with a unique method of funding and developing commercially viable construction and engineering entitlement claims.

“Our partnership with Tungsten Capital and its Claims Fund helps to level the playing field and bring a sense of justice to the industry, which ultimately helps us all to contribute towards a safer and more productive construction industry around the world.” - Barry Fullarton