Where most construction projects run into difficulty is in the planning, or lack thereof. The art of planning and programming has become a deliverable that frequently no one looks at until it’s too late and problems have already arisen, making planning assistance from an experienced professional, a worthwhile investment.

There are lots of reasons for this – predominantly, it can feel like an unnecessary administration task for busy people before a project starts, and once it is in motion, the focus is about getting on with the job. Monthly updates on programmes can seem like an onerous overhead, and it can feel as though the NEC (New Engineering Contract) now requires you to moderate the programme every five minutes.

However, getting the planning right at the start can be instrumental in keeping a project on track, whilst maintaining updates throughout the project can help to catch issues early and resolve them quickly.

The NEC itself states:

“The implementation of NEC3 contracts has resulted in major benefits for projects both nationally and internationally in terms of time, cost savings and improved quality.”

Questions to consider when planning a construction project:

  • Has the planning really been properly thought through?
  • Does it match the cash flow?
  • Have the financials been modelled?

Planning assistance at Tungsten Capital

At Tungsten Capital, we are frequently asked to provide planning support on updated programmes, specific claim situations, concurrency evaluation and overall forecast completion dates. We know the industry inside out, and as seasoned professionals and are happy to support other professionals who may not have the same understanding of the industry.

Where this external planning assistance can be especially helpful, is in mediating in board level discussions regarding extension of time requests, procurement delays, variation impacts and cash flow. The result is not only improved processes and a greater likelihood of keeping projects on track, but also safeguarding industry relationships as well.