Access to Justice

QuanturA© provides domestic and international construction companies, subcontractors and construction industry consultants with a unique method of funding and developing commercially viable construction and engineering entitlement claims.

QuanturA© is the only company to provide claimants with a true “no win, no fee” alternative to the traditional approach where claims consultants are paid their fees irrespective of their performance or the outcome of the claim.

Developing an Entitlement Claim to internationally recognised standards is almost always the basis upon which a contractor or subcontractor can recover costs associated with delay, disruption and other forms of project-related loss.

Having already incurred considerable project losses and then having to employ a Consultant has many disadvantages, such as:

  • Adding considerable cost to an already strained balance sheet.
  • Running the risk of being still further out of pocket should the claim fail.

Recognising the issues facing claimants, QuanturA© has launched a unique alternative to funding the development of such claims.

Our claims funding service originated the service in the UK in 2018, and we introduced it to the Gulf market in 2020. It is now a fully capitalised $47 million in-house fund, offering full non-recourse, off-balance sheet funding solutions for claims of all sizes.

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