Tungsten Capital provides a comprehensive professional CPM scheduling service to clients across the full range of industries.

The robust nature of our approach to programme scheduling enables clients to more effectively develop projects from concept to reality within specified timelines and to agreed budgets.

We identify risks, constraints and delays that may impact the project time and cost objectives.  

Through continuous analysis of those risks and emerging opportunities, we maintain the ability to realistically forecast project completion.

Establishing a schedule at project initiation is the key to determining design, procurement, statutory, construction and labour requirements.

Our approach is comprehensive and can incorporate:

  • An adequately represented project scope
  • A feasible baseline programme / schedule
  • Constructibility review
  • Programme risk analysis
  • Programme schedule optimisation
  • Development of consistent project performance indicators
  • Earned value analysis to monitor budgets and project progress
  • Forensic analysis for time-related disputes
  • Technical compatibility

Our schedulers use advanced tools and systems that are compatible with those employed by developers and users from different industries.

We are proficient in most common software packages including, but not limited to, Oracle Primavera Project Planner P6 and Microsoft Project and Programme Risk Analysis (Monte Carlo analysis tools).

On the larger, more complex projects we use fully integrated master scheduling to track all lifecycle stages.

If appropriate, the schedule may also track key milestones, earned value, resource productivity, risk and cost.