When Tungsten Capital launched an official alliance with BFC Consulting, it allowed us to bring our claims funding initiative to clients in Australia through a trusted partner consultant who really understands the nuances of the regional market. So what makes the construction industry in Australia unique and how can our claims funding initiative benefit its contractors?

A respected claims consultant in Australia

BFC Consulting is run by Barry Fullarton, a former contractor who grew up in South Africa before moving to Australia. BFC Consulting are experts in delay analysis and forensic planning, and their approach is rooted in a dependably honest approach that ensures trust between consultant and client as well as the best possible outcomes.

The construction industry in Australia

Australia has a reputation for being very careful with the details of their contracts. The result is less risk and a greater desire to negotiate a mutually satisfactory agreement rather that let a situation go as far as litigation. However, that still requires resource to see that process through.

This is exactly the reason for the creation of Quantura. While other litigation funders exist, to date there has not been a readily available option for funding the initial claim at the point of mediation.

Facilitating fair and productive resolutions

Quantura provides companies that are financially stable with an option that helps them to act in a way that maintains financial equilibrium on a project where a dispute has arisen. It has been shown to be a productive way of settling claims as well as preserving the integrity of projects and client relationships.

The result is a greater likelihood of both parties being able to work together again in the future, as well as keeping a project moving forward, while the claim is resolved. However, it’s also still there for the small percentage that continue to go to litigation and arbitration, should it be required.

“I have worked across a variety of sector claims in Australia, including large projects such as LNG, roads, mining , ports , harbours, airports, health and hospitals as well as rail. The Quantura claims funding model is perfect for a working environment that values a fair discussion, that is known for its due diligence and favours the prospect of a positive outcome. Quantura can help to further a positive working environment for clients and result in productive decision making and agreements.”

Barry Fullarton