Earlier this year, Tungsten Capital announced that it would be extending its construction claims consultancy services in the Middle East. In June, those plans come to fruition, not only because the team continues to develop along with our service offering, but as our ownership of the whole company is now complete.

A dependable track record in claims consultancy and cost management

Having operated as a very successful partnership alongside another shareholder since 2007, the firm has enjoyed a reputation as one of the most credible and successful claims consultancy and and cost management services in the Middle East.

Over more than 12 years we have supported clients in an array of differing project types from transportation and logistics to commercial property, hospitality and leisure to healthcare and more. Having evolved to this point, the company has reached a stage where it is ready to take on full ownership in order to further fulfil its service goals and meet the needs of a professional community that we see as being unreasonably exposed to risk.

Supporting more contractors in the Middle East than ever before

In the last four months, not only has the already established company in the Middle East grown in terms of the volume of consultants that we have available and the case load we have been able to support, but we have also made our claims funding service, Quantura, available to clients operating in the region. We have also recently announced the addition of a further fund, Anaconda, to support other claims consultants in light of the current coronavirus pandemic.

It is with great thanks and respect for the partners that we have worked alongside over the past decade, that we move into the next phase of growth and development. While as a collective and global community we all face great challenges and adversity at the moment, it is now that we collectively seek to provide innovative as well as dependable services and solutions to help those in the construction industry to find a way forward.

Our team in the Middle East have a track record of doing just that, and with new capacity, range and depth of service, we are in a greater position than ever to support contractors in the region when they need us.