Tungsten Capital has formed its first official alliance to make its Quantura claims funding service available to other claims consultancies around the world.

Working in partnership with BFC Consulting in Australia and its sister company HPR Project Consultants in South Africa, Tungsten Capital, through its financing fund Quantura, provides construction companies, subcontractors, and construction industry consultants with a unique method of funding and developing commercially viable construction and engineering entitlement claims.

In doing so, it provides a solution to pursuing claims without adding further financial strain and risk to the injured party in a true “no win, no fee” service.

Tungsten Capital launched the Quantura fund in 2018, making it available to its own clients in the UK. In 2019 the service was extended to clients in the Middle East.

Now, in 2020, by extending the service to other construction claims management consultants, we hope to enable more people to seek justice where they might otherwise have not been able to, and help to redress the balance in the construction claims industry which has to-date seen an disproportionate amount of risk taken on by contractors and subcontractors.

Barry Fullarton, Managing Partner of BFC Consulting, based in Australia, grew up in South Africa before moving to Australia. BFC Consulting are experts in delay analysis and forensic planning, and their approach is rooted in a dependably honest approach that ensures trust between consultant and client as well as the best possible outcomes.

HPR Project Consultants operates from Johannesburg and Tungsten Capital is delighted to support an all female team, which offers practical and professional advice and support for project owners and contractors in meeting the unique challenges of claims in the South African construction industry.

“Quantura was an idea that resulted from more than 30 years working in the construction claims industry and seeing the challenges that are faced by individuals. In more recent times, the balance of risk has shifted to an unprecedented level towards the contractor, resulting in a working environment that will ultimately become unworkable if it continues. The due diligence that we run before funding a claim ensures that they are only pursued where it is right and reasonable to do so. By providing a claims funding service and working with talented and experienced consultancies like BFC Consulting and HPR Project Consultants to extend the geographical reach of the offering, we hope to bring greater balance to the construction industry and give contractors a sense of reassurance so they can keep offering their services around the world.”

Tungsten Capital CEO, Peter Elliot

“I have always felt that there are valid claims out there that people have every right to pursue, but can’t because they don’t have the resources to get the right support. Claims can be expensive to prepare and can take time to follow through, which can cause phenomenal cashflow struggles for contractors, especially if they want to maintain relationships for later work opportunities. Our partnership with Tungsten Capital and its Quantura Fund helps to level the playing field and bring a sense of justice to the industry, which ultimately helps us all to contribute towards a safer and more productive construction industry around the world.”

Barry Fullarton

If you have a claim and are interested in finding out more about claims funding, or you are a claims consultancy interested in offering the Quantura funding service, please contact us to find out more.