Our team of market leading claims consultants at Tungsten Capital have introduced Quantura, our innovative “no-win, no-fee” claims platform, to contractors in the Middle East, starting in Qatar and to roll out rapidly over the coming weeks.

Removing the entire cost burden associated with the preparation of claims and the resolution of contractual disputes, Tungsten Capital is now able to develop your claims on a totally non-recourse, off-balance sheet basis without any cost to you.

What is are the benefits of claims funding?

Quantura is a fully capitalised $47 million in-house fund, offering full non-recourse, off-balance sheet funding solutions for claims of all sizes.

There are many commercially attractive benefits ranging from Project Neutral© due diligence, off-balance sheet claim, adjudication and litigation funding, through to access to the most experienced industry professionals.

Moreover, it enables the ability to redirect funds to more commercially attractive pursuits and the neutral financial impact on a project, as well as the ability to convert a financial liability into a tangible asset.

Crucially, Quantura is a reflection of our confidence and commitment to our contracting colleagues.

If you have a contractual or commercial which requires the production of a professionally developed Entitlement Claim and would like to discuss this with us, then then please contact – Fuad / myself / Terry etc for a private, no-obligation  consultation.