We make no secret of the fact that our team of construction claims consultants are at the heart of what we do. We are not the cheapest construction claims management consultancy in the world. However, the reason we’re one of the oldest and most respected is because we make it a priority to recruit the most experienced and the most knowledgeable, in short, the best construction claims consultants.

Delay and disruption in construction contracts can be extremely stressful, costly and time consuming for all parties. While a positive resolution to claims in construction projects can help to restore projects, save relationships and recuperate funds, we understand that the process to getting there has the capacity to add to the strain.

In everything that we do regarding construction contract claims, we work to protect the client’s commercial and contractual interests. Doing that always comes back to the skill and infrastructure around our team of consultants. That kind of talent and knowledge is not easy to come by. For example, we look for construction claims consultants:

  • With minimum of 10-20 years’ experience.
  • Experience in disruption claims in construction contracts in jurisdictions around the world.
  • Those with the flexibility to join a project at short notice.
  • And those who are prepared to travel to a variety of global locations.

To that end, many members of our team are of an age and experience level where they have seen every circumstance that claims in construction projects can present. They are not surprised by anything. One consultant even joined a case that had been playing out for 19 years, and within 18 months had agreed a settlement. As a result, our network of construction claims consultants work as many consecutive projects as they like in a year, as long as they’re fully committed while they’re there.

Our team is what makes Tungsten Capital the best in its field, and as we continue to grow, we’re recruiting for consultants in each of the following areas, working predominantly in the Middle East, Asia and Europe.

  • Commercial Managers
  • Claims consultants
  • Construction Delay Analysts
  • Forensic Planners  
  • Engineers